This is us.



Self-evolving 🧬

We must be able to evaluate, adapt and change. Only this way we can stay ahead of the curve.

Bold 🦁

One must be bold to leave a legacy in the digital world. By having our own voice, we always get heard.


Fun to work with 🪩

As we say in Finland, you have to have a little twinkle in the corner of your eye. Pro doesn't mean boring.
How did it begin?

Story & Mission

Our story

It all began with one critical question: How to achieve mass adoption?

Since its inception, Web3 has been a discouraging, complex, and uncertain environment for the newcomers.

Trillions of dollars in capital standing on the sidelines waiting for a clearer tomorrow. The next wave is about user-experience, design and narratives.

The space was filled with untold stories, but there was no one to tell them.

That's why Critical Media was born.


Our purpose is to help onboard the next billion users.

We help Web3 brands find their own voice using the power of digital storytelling and content design.

You build. We tell your digital story.